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  CRPS: Current Diagnosis and Therapy US$82.00 [IASP members: US$67.00 ]  
  The Pain System in Normal and Pathological States: A Primer for Clinicians US$71.00 [IASP members: US$57.00 ]  
  Hyperalgesia: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Implications US$89.00 [IASP Members: US$71.00 ]  
  Psychological Methods of Pain Control: 
Basic Science and Clinical Perspectives
US$63.00 [IASP Members: US$51.00 ]  
  The Genetics of Pain US$78.00 [IASP Members: US$59.00 ]  
  Psychosocial Aspects of Pain: A Handbook for Health Care Providers US$89.00 [IASP Members: US$69.00 ]  
  Pediatric Pain: Biological and Social Context US$76.00 [IASP members: US$57.00 ]  
  Opioids and Pain Relief: A Historical Perspective US$68.00 [IASP members: US$51.00 ]  

Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Pain

US$85.00 [IASP members: US$64.00 ]


Abstracts-10th World Congress on Pain



Spinal Cord Injury Pain (P23)

US$89.00  [IASP members: US$67.00 ]


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (P22)

US$78.00  [IASP members: US$55.00 ]


Neuropathic Pain: Pathophysiology and Treatment (P21)

US$79.00  [IASP members: US$55.00 ]


Acute and Procedure Pain in Infants and Children (P20)

US$70.00  [IASP members: US$53.00 ]


The Child with Headache: Diagnosis and Treatment (P19)

US$82.00 [IASP Members: US$59.00 ]


Manual de fármacos utilizados en el tratamiento del dolor crónico

US$45.00  [IASP Members: US$36.00 ]


Pain Imaging (P18)

US$89.00 [IASP Members: US$62.00 ]


Sex, Gender, and Pain (P17)

US$79.00 [IASP Members: US$55.00 ]


Proceedings of the 9th World Congress on Pain (P16)



Psychological Mechanisms of Pain and Analgesia (P15)

US$69.00  [IASP Members: US$50.00 ]


Opioid Sensitivity of Chronic Noncancer Pain (P14)



Abstracts of the 9th Word Congress on Pain



Chronic & Recurrent Pain in Children (P13)



Epidemiology of Pain (EOP)



Pain and Suffering (Suffer)



Assessment and Treatment of Cancer Pain (P12)



Sickle Cell Pain (P11)



Measurement of Pain in Infants and Children (P10)



Molecular Neurobiology of Pain (P9)



Pain in the Elderly (PIE)

US$25.00 [IASP Members: US$16.25 ]


Pain Treatment Centers at a Crossroads (P7)



Visceral Pain (P5)



Temporomandibular Disorders and Related (P4)



Classification of Chronic Pain (TBOOK)



Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Pain



Pharmacological Approaches to the Treatment of Chronic Pain



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