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Pediatric Pain: 
Biological and Social Context

Progress in Pain Research and Management, Vol. 26

Editors: Patrick J. McGrath, PhD and G. Allen Finley, MD, FRCPC

2003 · Hardbound · 225 pages · ISBN 0-931092- 49- 3
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Social, psychological, and biological contexts affect an individual’s response to pain, but the nature of familial, cultural, and ethnic factors is often obscured by stereo­­­typical thinking and poor methodology on the part of researchers. Contextual influences on pediatric pain merit special attention because early pain experiences potently affect later pain experiences.

In this volume, international experts in pain research and treatment share their perspectives on these contextual factors and point the way toward future research.

Table of Contents

Long-Term Effects of Neonatal Pain: The Animal Literature .
Sarita Garg, Umesh Narsinghani, Adnan T. Bhutta, Cynthia R. Rovnaghi, and K.J.S. Anand


Self-Regulation and Behavior in Preterm Children: Effects of Early Pain . Ruth Eckstein Grunau


Genetic Tools for the Study of Pain: Current Techniques and Findings
Shad B. Smith and 
Jeffrey S. Mogil


Social Development and Pain in Children. Carl L. von Baeyer and Lara J. Spagrud


The Role of Family Factors in Pediatric Pain . Christine T. Chambers


Chronic Illness and Pain in Children: A Review with Special Emphasis on Cancer . Gustaf Ljungman


Social Influences, Culture, and Ethnicity . Kenneth D. Craig and Rebecca R. Pillai Riddell


Health  Center Policies and Accreditation. Ada K. Jacox and Carol D. Spengler  


Availability of Opioid Analgesics for Cancer Pain Relief in Children.
David E. Joranson, Aaron M. Gilson, Karen M. Ryan, and Martha A. Maurer


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